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IM Goran Vojinovic wins Cincinnati Open

The 49th Cincinnati Open was held on 26-28th April at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 5901 Pfeiffer Rd., Blue Ash, Ohio.

The tournament had five sections – Open, U2100, U1800, U1500, U1200. All sections were played over five rounds of Swiss system with the time control 40/120, SD/60 d/5. A total of 109 players competed.

The main Open section had 23 participants. IM Goran Vojinovic took a clear first place with 4,5/5 points.

10-years old FM Awonder Liang (2217) is second with 4,0 points, while FM Peter Bereolos (2285) and Scott Leo Ramer (2238) shared the third place with 3,5 each.

U2100 section had 21 players. Liberty Green (2057) and David Friedman (2057) shared the first place with 4,0/5 points each.

U1800 section had 27 players. Rishi Narayanan (1665) is the clear winner with 4,5/5 points.

U1500 section had 26 players. Arvind Kumar (1375), Nikhil Lingireddy (1365) and Michael Giglio (1318) shared the first place with 4,0/5 points each.

U1200 section had 14 players. Keith Myers (1037P) and Stephen W White (1052P) shared the first place with 4,0/5 points each.


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