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Boston Chess Congress 2013

Boston Chess Congress will take place on 11-13th January at the Hyatt Harborside Logan Airport luxurious hotel, Boston MA 02128.

The event will have eight sections, all to be played over five rounds of Swiss system. Premier and Major sections are FIDE rated.

The total prize fund is $15,000 based on 250 paid entries, minimum $10,000 (2/3 each prize) is guaranteed. Entry fees range from $37 to $110.

Premier Section: Open to 2200/over, USCF Candidate Masters, and 2000/over on any Dec 2012 top 100 list.
$1500-700-400-300, clear or tiebreak 1st $100 bonus.

Major Section: Open to 2050-2299 and USCF First Category players rated 1900-2049.

Amateur Section: Open to 1850-2099 and USCF Second Category players rated 1700-1849.

Booster Section: Open to 1650-1899 and USCF Third Category players rated 1500-1649.

Reserve Section: Open to 1450-1699 and USCF Fourth Category players rated 1300-1449.

Under 1500 Section: $700-400-200-100.

Adult Under 1300 Section (born 1994/before): $300-150-100, trophies to first 5, top U1000, U800, Unr.

Junior Under 1300 Section (born 1995/after): $300-150-100, trophies to first 5, top U1000, U800, Unr.

Unrated may not win over $100 in either U1300, $300 U1500, $500 Reserve, or $700 Booster.

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Hyatt Harborside at Logan Airport

Hyatt Harborside at Logan Airport

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