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Deus Ex Machina – LACC February Open

Deus Ex Machina tournament took place on 23-24th February at the LA Chess Club, 11514 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025.

The event was held in two groups – Open & U1800, both played over six rounds of Swiss system with the time control G/60.

Willis A Kim 2095 won the Open sections with 5,0/6 points, despite the loss against the nearest follower Joshua Sheng 2146 who settled at 4,5/6.

Top seeded Pablo Pena 2267 couldn’t achieve more than a shared third place on 4,0/6, where he landed together with David Cheyney 1979.

In the U1800 section the convincing winner is Gabriel Sam 1768 with 5,0/6, a clear point ahead of Christopher Zalecki 1639 and Gia Peterson 1508 on 4,0/6.

The projected prize fund was $1,500 Cash & Gift cards (50% Guaranteed).

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