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GM Andre Diamant wins 36th Cardinal Open Chess Tournament

The 36th Cardinal Open Chess Tournament took place on 25-27th January at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 2886 Airport Dr, Columbus, Ohio.

The event was held in five sections: Open (FIDE rated), U2100, U1800, U1500, U1300. All sections were played over five rounds of Swiss system.

A total of 190 players competed. GM Andre Diamant took a clear first place in the Open section among 42 participants.

Open section final standings:
1. GM Andre Diamant BRA 2469 – 4,5
2-3. GM Dmitry Gurevich USA 2485 and FM Carl Brandon Boor USA 2297 – 4,0
4-9. GM Alex Yermolinsky USA 2517, IM Justin Sarkar USA 2431, FM Atulya Shetty USA 2312, Michael Bowersock USA 2086, Scott Leo Ramer USA 2186 and Zach Kasiurak USA 2125 – 3,5
10-15. GM Alexander Shabalov USA 2578, Gopal Menon USA 2197, Safal Bora USA 2103, Davis Maines Whaley USA 2131, John Marcsik USA (2076 uscf) and Tom Polgar-Shutzman USA 2083 – 3,0 etc

Embassy Suites Hotel Columbus 1

Embassy Suites Hotel Columbus

The U2100 section had 37 players. Manis Davidovich (USA, 2049) is the winner with 4,5/5 points.

The U1800 section featured 52 players. Tom Rosenbaum (1604 USCF) completed the race with perfect score of 5/5 points to take the top prize of $700.

The U1500 section had 30 players. Matthew Yuan (1465 USCF) won the group with 4,5/5 points.

The U1300 section had 41 players. Michael Giglio (1204 USCF) and Ayush Sunkad (1055 USCF) shared the first place with 4,5/5 points each.

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